Ulysses III Review


Right after I wrote a post about the top three minimalist writing apps for Mac and iOS, I downloaded Ulysses III. Almost immediately it became my go-to writing app for Mac.

Like iA Writer, Ulysses III is a gorgeous, minimal word processor. It has a killer dark-themed fullscreen mode. When you use Markdown features, it highlights them in beautiful colors. If you save your documents to Dropbox, you can edit them using any iOS word processor (my favorite is still iA Writer). You can export your documents to .txt, .rtf, PDF, or HTML. It’s powerful and customizable, but not complicated.

But for me, the killer feature of Ulysses III is that it shows your folders and text files in columns on the left side of the screen. This lets you do things like bounce between your in-progress blog posts, or separate a book into chapters and zip between them and your notes quickly.

Ulysses III is useful and beautiful. It’s my favorite writing app for Mac.


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