Hilariously Bad Parking Jobs

While visiting Paris, my friend and I walked past the tightest parking job we’d ever seen (pictured above). This gave us an idea for a website called “Close-Parked Cars,” where people would send in images of cars parked so close that it made you laugh. Turns out we were already too late–and thinking too small.

The Atlantic has pointed out a Kazakh website called “I Parked Like an Ass,” which boasts page after page of photos of poorly-parked cars. Some are parked too close. Others are parked in even more laugh-out-loud ridiculous places.

The story of I Parked Like an Ass, known in the original Russian as “Я паркуюсь как осел”, begins with a disgruntled driver in the city of Almaty named Roman Slegin. Radio Free Europe reports that Slegin started his website so that regular Kazakhs could publicly document, and thus shame, the atrocious parking habits that he says are common in his country. Users are encouraged to photograph any bad parking they happen upon and then upload their shots to the site.

You can read more about the site, and see more horribly parked cars here.


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